Primary Education

Lt. Gen Arjun Ray (Retd) decided to provide quality primary education in Ladakh, and started various schools under the banner of Operation Sadbhavna. These schools are different in terms of the quality of education that is provided to the students. General Ray outlined an extensive plan for primary education

  • 13 Sadbhavna schools were set up along the Line of Control in remote and inhospitable areas. These schools provide scholarship and free education for the poor.
  • All schools have Internet facilities provided by stand alone VSAT. Each VSAT is provided with a wireless loop facility that covers a range of 3 Kms.
  • The ratio of computers to students is 1: 8, which is far better than most schools even in the developing world.
  • The schools pride itself for having customized software in English.
  • Education on and awareness of Child Rights are part of the curriculum.
  • Value-education through religious instruction is compulsory in all these schools. Muslim children are taught Islam by the village clerics and Buddhist students receive instructions from the Lamas.
  • Teachers and high-school pass students who volunteer for the programme work as teachers.
  • Free lunch is provided as an incentive to ensure attendance in these schools and to improve the health of the children.
  • About 8 to 10 percent children in Ladakh are mentally and physically challenged. Most Sadbhavna schools have therefore adopted the concept of 'inclusion', wherein challenged children attend classes along with the others.

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